The Ombeni Foundation

The Ombeni Foundation is a non-profit, mission-based organization dedicated to supporting & providing for the needs people in the village of Mount Meru. It supports multiple projects to ensure the population meets basic, human needs such as shelter, food, & medical care. Ombeni Foundation is affiliated with Ombeni African Safaris, which helps fund its projects. Ombeni Pallangyo, a native from Mount Meru, is the head of operations for both entities.

Project Highlight

Laptop Donation Goal

We are currently collecting laptops locally (Madison) to setup at The Ombeni Foundation Sorongoro School. As of last year the kids have had electricity, but no computers are available for them to use. It is our goal to enrich their learning experience as well as connection to the outside world through computing. The impact in providing them with unlimited information from all sides of the world in unimaginable.

This is a new project we plan to execute rather quickly. We're already receiving laptops and we thank you so much on belalf of the school children. That's said, we are still far from our goal of 15 laptops. Your donation is tax deductible, and we'll mention your donation on our website as well as provide a "thank you photo", showing your donated laptop in action at the school.

The laptops will be wiped clean using DBAN software and Sugarlabs Linux will be installed, a software distribution used by children worldwide. The children will have access to author documents, kids news, media creation, math, science, and learning games.

Got an old laptop sitting around collecting dust? Donate it! (tax deductible).